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It’s 2020, eCommerce is booming more than ever and you have probably heard about this by now: Video Ads perform better than Images.

Our team is video-crazy and creating content in different video formats is what we love and do all day long. True video nerds. It’s obvious - we’re biased when it comes to the comparison of video vs image advertising. But you can trust us, we’re Doctors of Videology. And we say videos are better.

The Video Is the Medium of This Generation

We all watch them. Maybe just while casually scrolling down the Newsfeed, looking for a new Kick-ass Pasta recipe, or specifically to educate ourselves more on a topic of interest. states that over a BILLION hours of videos are being watched on their platform daily, while 500 million users watch 100 million hours of videos on Facebook each day.

These are impressive numbers and proof that videos are the medium of this era. The majority of social media marketers and advertisers are well aware of this and have implemented videos in their strategies long ago. And it has proven to be successful.

We from Scroll Stopper Ads have built our whole careers around this medium and its use in today’s marketing.

In this article, we would like to give you an idea of why our service is a great help to anyone in the world of eCommerce. Why doing what we love, actually helps YOU improve your business, or give you the head-start you need to get things going.

Video Ads vs Images

We are under the impression that everyone who has their foot in the eCommerce or drop shipping game knows a fair bit about online advertising. Whether it’s Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Amazon Advertising, or any other platform, chances are high that you have already tried yourself and maybe even had success.

But as an entrepreneur, you know that there is always space for improvement and something new to learn.

In order to compare the two mediums, we need certain performance indicators. In this comparison, we are talking about engagement, conversions, and audience identification.

Video Ads Drive More Engagement Than Statics

Of course, this statement does not appear to be true in every situation, but it is a widespread opinion, tested and verified by many marketers. A well-done video ad outperforms an equally well-done image in terms of engagement. This comes down to the fact that it keeps the viewer’s attention for a much longer period of time.

Imagine yourself scrolling down the newsfeed, rarely an Image would keep your attention for longer than 1-2 seconds (only if it is truly outstanding, like a good meme). For videos on the other hand, it appears to happen much more often that people keep watching for about 3-10 seconds, even if you are not directly interested in the topic, just because the way it is presented is appealing to them. And this is exactly where videos outperform images. They simply keep the viewer’s attention for longer, which results in a higher number of potentially interested leads in the topic/product. They might also just enjoy the video and press like, without intending to buy something. Still not too bad, right?

Video Ads Result in a Higher Conversion Rate Than Statics

Engagement does not equal conversion, but engagement affects conversion, and considering the facts stated above, videos have a higher rate of conversion.

If you take a look at your sales funnel, this becomes more clear. If you get someone to watch your product video until the end, chances are high that you found a HOT LEAD (bottom of your funnel), as it indicates a higher interest and therefore intention of buying the product.

In order to convert more people to hot leads, you need to deliver quality videos. Often, this is what separates the wheat from the chaff. A successful business runs high-quality Video Ads.

So should YOU.

Once you are running your outstanding video ads, like the ones Scroll Stopper Ads creates, you can focus on more layers of your sales funnel with retargeting strategies, e.g. people who turn on the sound of the video (85% of videos on SM being watched without sound) probably have a higher intention than those who aren't turning it on (sound matters) and are therefore it might be a good idea to specifically retarget this audience group.

Another point on the conversion performance of videos is a higher CTR (click-through rate), which in Facebooks case comes down to the act that Facebook is prioritizing videos, as their ultimate goal is to become more of a video platform. They simply prioritize videos.

Statics Have Their Place

With the above said, we don’t believe that statistics are to be entirely replaced by videos. They have their benefits if used in the correct context. Videos have an advantage in terms of holding it’s viewers’ attention, while optimized images benefit messages and CTAs (calls to action, like “learn more”, “shop now”) because of how visible and clear they are. If you know your audience very well, often there is no further explanation required.


Both Videos and images have their space in marketing your products. It comes down to the product itself, the audience, as well as which part of your sales funnel you are targetting.

But there is one more thing. The real reason why Scroll Stopper Ads is here.

It takes a lot of time and skill to create the perfect Video Ad. Chances are high you don’t have the time to learn how to: edit product videos particularly, realize that it didn’t work as expected and start all over again for each and every product you want to promote.

That’s what we are here for. Videography is our passion and we are really good at it.

Try us.

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